Can I come to the clinic for all my health needs?
We are primary care health specialists and we provide a wide variety of services including opioid dependence treatment, ultrasound services & in office laboratory services. Most of your healthcare needs can be met at our facility.
Do you have ultrasound services?

Yes we do. We have both onsite services & in certain case can provide ultrasound services in your home. Insurance may cover for some of these services, but coverage will need to be verified.

I have to get my immigration exam. Are you certified to perform the exam?
Dr. Partida Corona is certified as a civil surgeon by USCIS to perform your medical exam.
I need to do my Immigration Medical Exam (I-693). What will I need?
Click here for more information on what you will need for a immigration medical exam.
Do you accept walk-in patients?

Yes we do, however waiting times may be longer. Ideally walk-ins should come in before 10:30 am due to lunch & prior to 3:30 PM for afternoon walk-ins. Which provider you see will be at the discretion of the clinic.

Is full payment expected at the time of my visit?
We take most insurances. Any co-payments & deductibles will be due at the time of service. We also offer discounts to patients who have no medical insurance are cash pay prices can be found here..
How do I know if I need to fast for my lab work?
Your lab sheet will say fasting or non-fasting water is always allowed.
Does your office provide lab service?

Yes, we have drawing service depending on your insurance. For non insured, discounts are available. Please click here for specific pricing on lab work

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?
Picture identification, insurance card, all your medication preferably in the bottle & medical history records.Ex;Hospital records
What are your hours of operation?
Hours of operation can be found here