CoVid-19 Testing

Partida Corona Medical Center is offering CoVid-19 testing free of charge to the uninsured. Please visit complete the form and someone from our clinic will call you to schedule an appointment.
If you have not received your results after 7+ days please text your name with date of birth and date tested to (702)708-4445. 
We also provide onsite testing for business please call our office for further details at (702) 565-6004

If you are a business looking for CoVid 19 testing, there is a better than average chance that you have not found a medical center that offers Mobile COVID 19 Testing in Las Vegas. When you test as a facility, you not only give assurance to your customer base, but also show to your employees that they are valued and that their health is paramount. As a business leader, you understand that putting this thoughtfulness in how you conduct your business will resonate with not just your clients, but will create a less stressed work place. 

Mobile COVID 19 Testing in Las Vegas provides scheduled testing at work places, churches, organizations and even with large families.  We require groups of at least 10 or more and do require that each individual fills their form out and is present at time of appoint. 

If you require repeated, scheduled testing, you can either choose to come to our office, or we can set up a particular time of the week to do mobile CoVid 19 testing at your location.


Mobile COVID 19 Testing is only part of the equation.

In addition to Mobile CoVid 19 testing, Partida Corona Medical Center also offers outpatient treatment, with several medications, if you should turn out positive for CoVid 19.  This may mean the difference between a quick recovery or an expensive, lengthy and possibly tragic hospitalization.

We do accept quite an extensive list of insurances at Partida Corona Medical Center.  However, in the event that you do not have insurance, we do offer free follow up for CoVid 19 and also have an inexpensive direct primary care plan that you may use should you like to retain us for your other medical necessities. 

If you do not have enough people to use our mobile CoVid 19 testing, each of you are more than welcome to come to our office and do testing individually. All you have to do is visit

What to do after your test: 


1) Stay home- Since you do not know your status, if you have had any symptoms at all, staying home rather than going to work will limit spread to co-workers and friends.

2) Use your mask- It reduces the likelihood of spreading the virus substantially.

3) Use social distancing- For the same reason.

4) Check on a daily basis your e-mail inbox, spam included, for your CoVid 19 test results. The sooner you know, the sooner you can protect your loved ones.

5) Make sure as many people in your social circle test. There are quite a few asymptomatic carriers who tend to be the greatest seeders in our community. The sooner they know, the quicker they can take steps to avoid passing on the infection.